This article is written for you girls out there who love the outdoors but think that they ‘haven’t got the right stuff’ to be considered an ‘Outdoors Girl’.… continue reading

(This post has been slightly adapted from the original post in Chasing Contours)

When we are much younger, our true passions are purer, and clearer.… continue reading

Batanes. Distant land…distant, but comfortable. Wilderness is far, yet nature is at your doorstep, and the the towns feel like home.

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Summer finally arrived. A gathering of friends, some – strangers to each other – convened below the 108-year old walkway, once built to allow the King of Spain to view this site of pure, natural beauty.… continue reading

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet people in my life that push me to explore the unknown, whether it be traveling in a city, in a remote place, or experiencing something completely ‘out of my comfort zone’.continue reading

January 2011 – A new year…fresh from the quiet Christmas that I had, spent over a bottle of wine and roast duck with my 78 year old neighbour.… continue reading