Summer finally arrived. A gathering of friends, some – strangers to each other – convened below the 108-year old walkway, once built to allow the King of Spain to view this site of pure, natural beauty.

Today, El Chorro is popular for the adrenalin rush: walking across rusty steel beams precariously balanced on rustier trusses that somehow have been attached to the rock…carrying over 25kgs on our backs as we gingerly clip and un-clip our safety lines from the steel cables. In addition to this, there is an endless supply of sport and traditional climbs, plastered across the cliff faces that frame the valley.

But we were not there just to do the via ferrata, nor were we there just to climb. We were there to set up a highline, in possibly one of the most picturesque yet easy to reach valleys in Europe.

Enjoy the video by our very own Adventure Shutterbug:


The Lines of the Hidden Valley from Tim Good on Vimeo.