The passing of Time is like the sunlight
That breaks through the dark clouds
And illuminates the hills and mountains
In the distance.… continue reading

Pay attention to those little moments in life: the kindness and thoughtfulness of strangers eclipse those moments of hot-headed city folk driving in traffic or walking through streets of dried spit, poop, gum, and other unmentionables.… continue reading

Please correct me if I am mistaken, but there seems to be a surge of people making a conscious effort to spend more time outdoors: whether it is extreme exploration or simply going for a picnic or a walk, there is something that draws us beyond the confinements of the spaces we created to live and work in.… continue reading

As someone who has always felt a deep connection with the natural world, it feels right to harness that interest and launch into something that will allow me to “give back” to the environment and society.… continue reading

As I sit here at my friend’s cafe between travel plans, my face is plastered to this screen — between illustrating and writing this blog post — I realise how much time and effort is put into connecting with virtual strangers and how little there is of true connection.… continue reading

Tests are thrown at us all the time. Recent events have allowed me to reflect and think of how I have dealt with them, and how I should react to situations.
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