Hi, I’m Kara. Would you like to share the “Enthusiasm to Extend (y)our Comfort Zone”?

I struggled with what the main theme for this blog should be…then decided that it should be about how curiosity helps us grow, through sharing experiences. Hopefully this will eventually grow into something bigger, a space that allows us to encourage curiosity.

This blog pays homage to CURIOSITY. What makes us tick? What makes us grow? We are all a mix of truly wonderful things and experiences, so why not celebrate that fact? I also enjoy photography now and again, and in writing this blog I hope to share with you some of the ways I view the world through a camera lens.

Over the past 8 years, I have learned skills that fed into my love for the outdoors: the sea, the cliffs, the mountains. I am a registered British Architect and PADI Divemaster by profession, and have a passion for conservation and the environment. I also love growing my own food and flowers, having grown up running around a cut-flower farm.

I do hope you enjoy going through my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

P.S. You will see that comments are not allowed… if you have some nice things to say, why not get in touch? Or Follow me on Instagram @karascuriosity

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